St. Joseph Academy, a Christ-centered Catholic community, rooted in faith, knowledge, and values, inspires students to live the gospel message in school, the community and the world and to achieve academic excellence through relevant and challenging curriculum.

Our music department, guided by our 5 core principles, we consistently aim for Success. We strive to cultivate our community through the discovery of Music and the Art’s, innovative excellence, and our commitment to giving back. We provide quality education for the current needs of parents and students.

Our Service- It truly is better to give than to receive. We focus on giving back to our students. We are a community of Instructors who understand the importance of Music and the Arts as a hobby, a career, and as a learning tool for children and adults to aid success in many areas of life.  

Our Students- We endeavor to encourage self esteem and self-discipline as well as artistic sensibility and intellect. We strive to bring awareness of the beauty of music to the student, and nurture a lifelong love of the Arts. 

Our Community- It is our belief that we aren’t just creating a school, but a community. The idea that Music and the Art’s, touches everything else in life. It reaches beyond a Song, Dance, or Piece of Art. It extends beyond oceans, languages, and creeds. It is a part of each of us at birth and is a part of our core throughout life.